You are an idiot if you felt pressured by the luxury life of Hajia4Real – Bulldog

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Bulldog, an expert a culture and an artist management, has blasted many people who have felt under pressure to live like Hajia4Real.

He said the following in response to claims that Hajia4Real’s wealth display had a negative impact on children and teenagers.


Since Hajia4Real’s arrest, the problem of celebrities flaunting their ‘ill-gotten’ wealth while portraying themselves as hard workers on social media has come to light once again.

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Additionally, it sparked a discussion about how young people who frequently give in to peer pressure engage in a range of vices in an effort to live extravagantly like their idols.

Bulldog added that anyone who felt pressured by the achievements of Hajia4Reall merely demonstrated ungratefulness for life’s basic necessities, such as breathing, eating, being healthy, and so on, in a discussion on the United Showbiz.

“Anyone who feels forced by Hajia4Reall’s way of life is stupid or insane. The individual is an idiot, dumb, and unworthy of life. I’ll tell you. Since you cannot base your decisions on how others spend their lives. Why should you put extra strain on yourself when we all have our own paths to take?

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“There are some necessities in life, and if you can fulfill them, praise God. I’ll just list two. Thank God if you can get out of bed in the morning and use the restroom. It’s an amazing accomplishment.”


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