You are jobless and you want to date my sister- Lady vent spleen on a guy

A Nigerian woman has confronted a guy who has expressed interest in her sister.

The lady, as sighted in the shape of a video, is not enthused about the impending romantic affair he wants to establish with her sister and duly called him out in a phone conversation.

The girl and her sister laughed at the man’s explanation that he is simply existing and eating as the days pass.

For wanting to date her sister while he was unemployed, she dubbed the boy a dumb boy. He ended the call, though, as they laughed at him.

“You are jobless and you want to date my sister? You’re a stupid boy,” she said before hanging up on him.

Watch the video below;

In other trending news, a man tried to handle his frustration in a different manner after his relationship with his girlfriend ended abruptly.

He actually looked for a hammer to destroy a photo containing his image and that of his babe.

In order not to be reminded of their lovey-dovey moment, the young man who was figuratively served breakfast before he woke up from bed, used the hammer to damage the frame entirely.


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