You Peeps Are Dumb!! Yvonne Nelson Blasts Fans (+Screenshots)

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Ghanaian outspoken  actress Yvonne Nelson has fired back at critics after she was shamed on her post on “SexForGrades”.

Yvonne Nelson was seriously lambasted on Tuesday after she suggested in a tweet that the practice many have tagged ‘despicable’ happens in all circles of life and not just in schools.

She wrote;

“Sex for grades! Sex for jobs! Sex for everything in our part of the world! Your brains don’t matter here. It’s the covered parts they want, oh wait, these parts aren’t covered anymore… it’s free on social media. Will it ever change?”.

While some of her followers hailed, others jabbed her. In some of the replies to her tweet, tweeps posited she displayed absolute ignorance and shallow-mindedness.

One of the replies read ; “You didn’t have to say anything. We would have assumed you had sense,” a follower tweeted, with another saying, “What point are you trying to make? It started like you had a direction but you ran into a tree.”

“This is so embarrassing because you had bikini pictures on your IG and a child out of wedlock which are things these men will use to shame you even though it’s nothing to be ashamed about but you’re here doing respectability politics like it will protect you,” another added.

Yvonne Nelson who obviously didn’t take it lightly took to her Twitter page again to vent out her anger.

She wrote; So you see, peeps just don’t read to understand! If you only came to diss under the post, I understand, that’s what most people do on Twitter, but if it’s because of the tweet, you LACK understanding and simply Dumb! Its English!!Let someone explain it to you!

Checkout the back to back conversation below;



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