You want a plot of land, I hooked you up, why so bitter? Yvonne Nelson calls out actress

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Yvonne Nelson is breathing brimstone and fire on the head of an actress who pissed her off recently although she fell short in disclosing her name.

The screen diva and director said this on Friday, December 9, 2022, when discussing her interactions with a number of her contemporaries who she accused of living false lives.

Angrily, the mother of one said that when these female celebrities find out that she is nothing like them, they become furious and outraged.

The post also focuses on a piece of land that was sold to the opposing party with Yvonne’s assistance, although it appears that things became complex in the end.

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“These industry ladies keep approaching me, trying to get into my biz, when they realize I can’t pretend / fake like the whole industry does, they get mad. You want a plot of land, I hooked you up, why so bitter? I wanna inspire you from afar! Y’all stay away,” Yvonne Nelson wrote on Twitter.

The unknown actress was hit with subliminal messages from Yvonne, who said:

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