You wear $30k watch but stay in rented house – Delay puts King Promise in a tight corner after bragging on her show about his expensive lifestyle

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The clean-shaven artiste who is not known to be loud and ostentatious despite his achievement in the mainstream emerged out of his shell sporadically and started bragging about his expensive jewellery.

He told Delay that his outfit and accessories cost almost $50,000 dollars during a recent interview with the on-air personality and businesswoman.

This was after Delay had asked the award-winning artiste to clear the air on a previous viral report that his Bottega shoes truly cost $1700.

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King Promise answered in the affirmative and thereafter launched a bragging spree saying he has other things that cost more than that.

According to him, his watch cost $30K and his chain also cost $10K. Delay waited patiently for him to throw his importance about then asked him why he has still not put up a mansion but rather ‘invested’ money into clothes and accessories.

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