You Won’t Believe The Riskiest Place Juliet Ibrahim Had Sex

We’ve all had some wild adventures before and Juliet Ibrahim also has some wild adventures. She’s disclosed in an interview on an online show ‘On My Honour’ on Trybe TV that she’s had se.x at the beach before.

She told the host of the show that, it was the riskiest thing she’s ever done in life and it was just something that happened once and it wasn’t really planned.

From what we gather from her her interview it wasn’t any of the Ghana beaches  and so we are assuming it’s some other country.

She said that she had the sex in the water and there were other tourists around so it wasn’t something the people around see it as offensive.

“The riskiest place I had sex was at the beach… It was just spontaneous and wasn’t plan but I think people have to be very careful and make sure that whatever you’re doing is allowed. It wasn’t like a country or a place where people will find it offensive so there were lot of tourists around the place,” She noted.

Juliet Ibrahim was also asked on the show if she would take the phone number of some nice guy she liked and she answered in the affirmative saying that she would do so if she likes the person.

“I don’t see it as a big deal to walk up to a guy. If I see someone I like, I wouldn’t want the chance to pass me by so I’ll definitely say Hi and get your number.”

Julie Ibrahim is not only an actress but also a business woman. She had her break in the film industry when she featured in a movie ‘Crime To Christ’ with Majid Michel in 2005.

Watch that interview below:



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