You’ll see Ghana is far gone when you travel to other countries – Bawumia

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Ghana’s incumbent vice president joined the Christian communities in Kumasi to crossover into the new year visiting three churches (Bremang Ebenezer Methodist Church, St. Peter’s Cathedral Basilica and Ayigya Church of Pentecost).

This is the second year in a row that Bawumia has spent his new year’s eve joining watch night church services in Kumasi, though his church visitations date back to his days in opposition.

Addressing the congregations, he maintained that the peace in Ghana is something to be celebrated rather than taken for granted.

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“We have a very special country; this country Ghana. Sometimes we take it for granted; until you go to other countries you don’t know how we are blessed as a country. We are a peaceful country; we’re the second most peaceful country in Africa and also the most peaceful in West Africa”, he said amidst applause from the Church of Pentecost congregation at Ayigya.

Touching on why as a devout Muslim he mostly mingles with the folks in the Christendom, Bawumia had this to say:

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“We are very lucky and I think that part of what God’s blessings have been for us, is that we are very united as a country, notwithstanding our diversity.

“We are the only country where you will see the Chief Imam go to church to celebrate his 100th birthday. We are the country where you’ll see the Muslim Vice President come to church to crossover into 2022; it is a beautiful country and so we want to keep it peaceful just us we have done over the years to be the most peaceful country in West Africa and second most peaceful in Africa as a whole”, he said.


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