Young lady, 25, serves goals on the internet for managing to buy her first house after saving ₵19,159.90 a month for 2 years

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A young lady has inspired internet folks that with determination and a combination of other positive traits, one can achieve anything.

Identified as Hilary Iyoha and a native of East London, the 25-year-old woman bought a three-bedroom house in Bexley she saved the local equivalence of ₵19,159.90 a month for two years.

Hilary is an investment banking analyst who was living with her family when she pulled off this feat, meaning she never paid rent at the time she started saving to meet this goal.

“I’ve always recognised the value of money, but understanding how to use it and make it work for you is the real tea.” Hilary’s key tips for saving are fairly straightforward: cut out any unnecessary spending, use credit cards for cash-back and create a budget that works for your needs. The savvy businesswoman put aside £2 000 (approximately ₵19,159.90) per month – representing two-thirds of her salary – for almost two years, Metro reported.

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She continued; “Two-thousand pounds was a good part of my monthly income at the time, but during the pandemic where nothing was really open and I was working from home and living with family rent-free, with little to no financial responsibility, it wasn’t too hard,” Hilary said.

She said would use her credit card to spend and then pay back the full balance in the following month, thereby avoiding any interest. Hilary also sold her leave days at work, which increased her monthly income.

Hilary also reduced her pension contribution by around 20 per cent. The super-saver believes in giving back, too, and has donated some of her monthly salary to charitable causes, including her local church.


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