Your best rapper is yawa- Pappy Kojo drags M.anifest into fray with Sam George

Rapper M.anifest has been hit with a stray bullet by colleague Pappy while he was embroiled in a lyrical war with Ghanaian lawmaker Sam George.

Twitter was boiling with excitement yesterday when the rapper and leading National Democratic Member (NDC) politician went head to head with a series of disses aimed at each other over the former’s rigid stance on championing the anti-gay bill.

The feud started after Pappy questioned why Sam George went after his colleague Sister Derby months ago over the contentious LGBTQ+ bill.

Recall that Sister Derby who has always been a proponent of fairness for homosexuals in Ghana had equally engaged in her own banter with the Member of Parliament for leading the crusade to have the activities of people with different sexual orientations aside from straight people criminalized.

“… You are rather full of perversion. So obsessed with people’s sexual orientation. Shame on you, you backward thinker!!!,” Sister Derby wrote in one of her responses to the NDC lawmaker when they cross swords.

Mr. Sam George also fired at her saying, he is yet to “figure out what genre of music she can succeed at ” before he will engage her in a conversation on the LGBTQ+ bill.

Months after the showdown, Pappy Kojo has emerged to fight Sam George on behalf of Sister Derby saying; “Nah honestly I think it wasn’t cool of Sam George to come at Deborah Vanessa , when I’m sure he get sisters , I’m going to eazily channel my energy to him when I’m done fighting the superstars & I lose”.

Sam came in with an uppercut of a message to Pappy saying;

Welcome to the game, over 6 months late. Damn, your processor is freaking slow. Took you this long to process? Guess I understand now why your musical career is long dead and buried and you’re still not aware. I’m off to listen to good music made in by @manifestive. Cheers.

It’s this part that infuriated Pappy Kojo for saying he’s going to listen to a better rapper in the person of M.anifest.

To this end, Pappy dragged M.anifest into the fray and described him yawa while revealing that his so-called best rapper once badmouthed him (Sam George) to him together with actress Yvonne Nelson.


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