‘Your greedy gov’t appointees are worrying the youth and tarnishing your legacy – Shatta Wale tells Akufo Addo

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Shatta Wale has told President Akufo Addo that he is surrounded by government officials who are neglecting to tell him the truth about the present condition in the nation in a fiery social media tirade.

Shatta Wale went on to say that these people are simply interested in making money for themselves, and that their terrible advice would destroy the legacy the president hopes to leave behind when he steps down.

The artist, whose given name is Charles Nii Armah Mensah Jr., made these claims in a video posted on Facebook.

“Mr President, don’t let some stupid people take decisions for you in this country,” he said in the selfie video as he drove.

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“You’re worrying the youth of Ghana, I’m telling you,” he noted.

“All your ministers, all your people that you have put in office, they are worrying you, they are giving you a bad name,” Shatta Wale declared.

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“So please, I’m telling you this thing, the [bad] decisions you are making are getting too much,” he added.

“People are taking decisions and they are not telling you the truth of what is happening on the street. The street is hot. Mr President, the street is hot,” he commented on the economic situation in Ghana.

“People want to just come and follow you and make money and just go and your legacy won’t be the legacy that you’ve dreamt of. I beg you,” the ‘On God’ hitmaker stressed before addressing prevailing comparisons between former President John Mahama and the incumbent Nana Akufo-Addo.

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“It was right here in Ghana that people said Mahama was not performing well,” he said.

“Mahama is gone and since you’ve been in power, they are saying you’re not doing anything impressive at all,” he noted.

“Mr President, stay focused. You see what Ghanaians are saying, that’s what I am telling you. They say you are not working hard,” Shatta Wale continued.

Repeatedly, he barked: “People are angry, people are not happy, people are complaining,” and added: “The streets are not happy. I’m telling you people something. They say you are even fumbling something as easy as organising entertainment events.”


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