Your type of pleasure do you get from biting your spouses’ n!pp.les during intercourse? – Berla Mundi ask Ghanaian men

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Berla Mundi who is creating awareness about breast cancer has asked why men find it so fascinating in playing with the breast of a woman to the extent of biting the nipples.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and Berla Mundi raising awareness about the disease asked women if it’s okay for their men to bite their n!pples during intercourse.

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is used to raise awareness about the disease and to screen women to see if they have developed any symptoms so they can be treated.

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Berla Mundi admonished that some of the men need training on how to handle the breast since one wrong bite can end up harming the breast in so many ways.

She then went on to question the guys what type of pleasure they get from biting their spouses’ n!pples, and because it’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we all need to be educated on how to handle the b00bs in order to prevent breast cancer and other diseases.

Most men like playing with their partners’ b00bs during intercourse, but most women don’t realize how much pleasure they get from it. As a result, Berla Mundi’s post will teach us a lot about engaging the b00bs in intercourse.

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