You’re so special to me, I will wait till after the house before any sexual activity even if you want it, I won’t, I have to protect your image’ – Sheggz tells Bella

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Sheggz has reminded Bella of the undying love he has for her which is why she will do everything possible to safeguard her interest rather taking advantage of her.

Prior to that, the two had a little argument after their wager task presentation after which they apologized to each other and ate together.

While conversing, Sheggz told Bella she is so special to him and he’s ready to wait till after the show before any sexual activity.

He said even if she yearns for intimacy, he’ll flag it off and wait for the show to be over so they could blossom their burning desire outside the house.

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Sheggz: I don’t play with your matter oo bcos I don’t want to lose you

Bella: I also don’t play with you

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Sheggz: You’re so special to me, and I’m willing to wait till after the house to indulge any form of sęxüâI activity with you, because i rate you so much. Even if you want it, I have to protect your image.

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