“You’re Truly Blessed By God If A Fan Tattoos Your Name On Their Body”–Yul Edochie Weighs Into The Tattoo Controversies

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Nigerian actor and 2023 presidential hopeful, Yul Edochie has added his voice to the controversies surrounding fans tattooing the names of their favourite stars on their bodies.

It has become an issue in Nigeria with people claiming that others have paid fans for their names to be tattooed on their bodies.

Some fans have in the past done it and were given money for the love they showed their favourite stars by tattooing their names on their bodies.

Bobrisky famously treated a fan to some good stuff after the fan tattooed his name on her back.

Several controversies have since ensures regarding the matter.

Yul Esochie, who decided to weigh into all that, said it is truly a blessing from God for a celebrity to have their name tattooed on their bodies.

For Yul Edochie, that is a sign of true love for you.

He added that one should, however, not give money to a fan who does that if they don’t have money to give to them for the act.

According to Yul Edochie, some do it purely because they love their celebrity and not because they want to be given any money by them

He added however, that the love should be appreciated but one should not force to give them money when they don’t have it.

Yul Edochie wrote on Twitter:

“For a fan to go as far as tattooing your name on his/her body, that’s love.
You’re truly blessed by God to even get that kind of love.

You must not give the fan money if you don’t have.

Some are not even doing it for your money but for love.

Such an act should be appreciated.”

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