“You’ve Slept With The Big Boys, Had An Abortion For A Musician But You Are Still Broke”–Moesha Exposes DEEP Secrets Of Efia Odo

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The internet is about to break loose again, as two Slay Queens, Moesha Buodong and Efia Odo are currently in a war of words on Social Media, exposing deep and embarrassing secrets.

The husband snatcher or should we say sharer has lost her cool after Efia Odo came at her in her comment section in a post she made, and in a bid to prove to Efia Odo that, she can be equally ‘dirty’ she’s exposed Efia Odo saying that she’s been sleeping with all sorts of men but she’s still dead broke because she hasn’t been smart about using her Vjayjay well.

Moesha Buodong look to the Ghana Football Awards
Moesha Boudong

In a post made by Moesha, which she deleted minutes later (but thanks to the internet we grabbed a screenshot) she described Efia Odo as the fakest person alive who also f*ck for money but pretends she doesn’t like money.

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According to Moesha, Efia Odo has slept with footballers, big and famous boys and even dated a musician, whom she got pregnant for and she had to abort it. Moesha whose blood was boiling at the time she made the post, continued to say that Efia Odo desires to also leave that lavish lifestyle but unfortunately for her all the boys who chop her down don’t give her money and that when she’s lucky she gets just Ghc500 and when her star shines that day, then she gets some Ghc1,000.


Efia Odo
Efia Odo
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Moesha wouldn’t be the first person to accuse Efia Odo of sleeping with men and not getting anything out of it. Recall that earlier this year musician Sista Afia also called her a thief and broke and also said that, she has been banged several times by men but she’s still broke.

Well, Moesha has not been shy to reveal that her source of money for the lavish lifestyle she displays on Social media comes from the pocket of the married man or men she f*cks, so she gets pissed off when others do the same thing behind the scene and then come mock her, as though they are saints.

Now that Moesha has exposed Efia Odo some more adding weight to what Sista Afia said, we are just hoping she does not call her a ‘hippopotamus’  too.

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See a screenshot of what Moesha posted on IG below and share your thoughts on this story below.

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