Yvonne Nelson opens up on her ‘juju’ attack as she recounts how she prayed and fasted

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Yvonne Nelson has said she was subjected to a spiritual attack which she waded off via fasting and prayers.

The actress and filmmaker suggested there are a lot of forces encircling them as entertainers and whoever fails to acknowledge this fact does so at his or her peril.

Narrating what she went through in an interview on Day Break Hitz, the actress who recently premiered her newest movie Fifty Fifty, said she started having eye problems while shooting the movie, ‘Material Girl’, produced by renowned filmmaker Abdul Salaam Mumini.

The mother of one added her frequent visits to see an optometrist proved futile until she began to fast and pray. She told the host Andy Dosty thus;

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“It got to a time I couldn’t shoot anymore and I got two days off. I had to fast and pray for the two days and it went off like magic.

I believe a force and a spiritual something is happening around us.”

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Yvonne Nelson urged actors and actresses to be cautious of what they eat and drink when on a movie set. Watch the video below;

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