Patapaa has no hard evidence against me Zionfelix fumes

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A furious Zionfelix has asked Patapaa to shut up over his incessant rants in series of videos he has dropped so far on social media accusing him of going out with his wife.

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The mainstream blogger probably looking angry for the first time asked the musician to shut up for good and stop accusing him without any proof.

Zion said Patapaa has no evidence whether in hard or soft copy form to buttress his claim that he and his wife Liha Miller have become items. He insisted that in all this, it is his wife he is disgracing and not him.

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He is heard saying;

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“Patapaa is disgracing his wife, he wants people to think his wife is cheap. That is what he wants to portray about his wife, it is not good he should stop talking. You are disgracing your wife, marriage is not joke and you don’t have any evidence being it hard copy or soft copy to prove your claims, you have nothing.”

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