ZionFelix’s Baby Mama Minalyn Just TEARED Him Apart In Cryptic Message & Blames Him For Their Split

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Makeup artist and baby mama of Zionfelix, Mina has officially confirmed that she’s done with the popular blogger while denying rumors that she’s given birth to a baby boy him.

In a long Instagram post, Mina made on Instagram she likened herself to gold and mentioned that, her ex-boyfriend didn’t cherish her, hence the reason why he got another woman pregnant whiles dating her.

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It’s obvious that Mina now feels she can’t subscribe to the idea of a man being polygamous and won’t be able to tolerate the thought that Zion would be officially b*nging her other baby mama Erica and her if she decides to remain in a relationship with him.

Zionfelix mentioned in a video some time ago that, it’s Mina he would be marrying although another woman also produced a baby for him and at the time, he seemed to have gotten forgiveness from Mina and we were all actually waiting for the big wedding.

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Mina’s post on Instagram seeks to cut the lies in reports that there’s no baby boy for her after her only daughter with Zion, which is no surprise to us because Zionfelix himself in a video posted on his channel already debunked that.

Mina also used that opportunity to throw shades at Zion saying, “Let me hasten to add that I have moved on with my life and no longer in an intimate relationship with Zion “Gold they say should be sold to the one that knows the value of it”

She continued by blaming Zionfelix for allowing another woman to destroy their relationship and mentioned that, it was not a mistake he made but something he premeditated.

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See attached the screenshots below :


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