Zubby Michael Fires Motivational Speakers; Says Some Of Them Have Failed In Real Life

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Nigerian actor, Zubby Michael has gone in hard on motivational speakers, saying that some of them have failed in real life.

Motivational speakers always try to lift people’s spirits by telling them things that will calm their nerves to ensure they do better things for themselves.

Some are so good at it but the same cannot be said of all of them and it is this category that Zubby Michael is targetting with his rant.

According to the actor, some of the motivational speakers are what he called”Mobile Prostitutes” who have failed in real life but want people to believe that they have been successful themselves.

Zubby Michael said this in a recent Instagram post, where he wrote;

“Most of the motivational speakers online are into mobile prostitution and some failed in real life, Ndi ala ndi ala“


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